Grouting materials are intended for sealing the annulus space between borehole wall and construction parts. Around the screens filter gravel, which is water-permeable, is used. The gravel size needs to be chosen according to the filters' slot width. Around the casings sealing clays made from natural raw materials are used.

Drilling fluids tick many boxes in the field of flush drilling, especially the stabilisation of the borehole. It ensures the complete discharge of the drill cuttings as well as cools and lubricates the drilling tools.

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Product no.: 190-001

PAC Polymer is a highly efficient poly-anionic carboxy-methyl-cellulose of high purity. It significantly increases viscosity and improves the bearing capacity of the drilling fluid.

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Product no.: 58-001

Filter gravel for well-drilling compliant to DIN 4924 and EN12904.

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Product no.: 189-001

Antisol® is suitable for the regulation of flow and filtration characteristics of drilling fluids in well sinking and water engineering as well as with geothermal drilling.

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Product no.: 59-001

High-quality bentonite for the sealing of wells and annular spaces in flat, piped dry drilling or wash boring.

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Product no.: 191-001

The premium quality clay powder IBECO® S is used as a drilling fluid additive in well drilling.

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Product no.: 6491001201

The two-component special regenerant Herli® Rapid TWB is a combination of chemically pure acids for the chemical regeneration and cleaning of vertical and horizontal wells, pipe systems, closed and open filter systems (particularly suitable for sand, gravel and louver filters), deferrisation systems and pumps.

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Product no.: 649095703010

fontario-CLEAN serves as mud-breaker for the removal of drilling fluid residues in the borehole.

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