SBS Shaftless well head system 4" with a 1 1/4" outlet

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Save time and money with the SBS Shaftless Wellhead System. This complete system is an effective and easy-to-handle solution for your well.

Advantages of the unit:

- Easy handling
- No additional effort for maintenance work
- Can be used anywhere, hardly visible after installation
- Ideal for irrigation systems
- Simple solution for wells
- Simple connection
- Low storage requirement
- Low weight compared to similar products (concrete shaft or similar)
- Less machinery and manpower required for installation of the unit, cost saving
- Watertight sealing cap

Cost saving:

Up to 50% cost saving by installing a SBS - Shaftless Wellhead System compared to the conventional concrete shaft or PE well shaft. Where enormous effort has to be made during installation. In addition, you do not have to buy the individual components (concrete shaft, well head, etc.). With the SBG - shaftless well head system, you have a high-quality complete system that you can easily install yourself.


Frost protection:

As the unit itself is waterless, the transition from pump to draw-off takes place in the lower part of the unit.
The average frost-free depth within Europe is assumed to be 80cm.
In the non-drainable area, pipes should be laid at least 60cm deep (see EK list for length of unit).
If the unit is in continuous operation, it may be advisable to install insulation.
To avoid possible damage, the unit should be emptied accordingly in winter, if necessary, during longer forestry periods in the double-digit range.
An explicit statement on frost resistance cannot be made as frost resistant depths vary widely geographically.

Additional product information

Through socket 1¼"

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