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The SQ from Grundfos is a high-quality submersible motor pump that can be installed in wells with a diameter of only 3'' due to its slim design. It is the ideal pump for supplying water from your own garden or house well as well as the cistern.

Installed frost-proof in the well, the submersible pump SQ does not cause any disturbing operating noise and a normal AC connection with 230 V, 50 Hz is sufficient as power supply. All parts of the pump that come into contact with the water are made of rustproof materials that ensure a long service life and do not affect the quality of the water.

The pump is driven by a 1-phase permanent magnet motor. The motor is characterised by high efficiency over a wide power range. To avoid pressure surges and high starting current, the pump is equipped with a soft start (max. 2 sec.). The pump is equipped with two eyelets for fastening the (stainless steel) rope safety device. Pumps of the SQ/E series are delivered from the factory with a replaceable motor cable.

Areas of application:

    Domestic water supply
    Filling of containers
    Groundwater lowering
    Environmental protection applications

Operating data:


Manometric head in m

 110  100 90 80 70 60 50 40

Volume flow in m3/h

 0   1,35   1,95   2,35   2,6   2,8   3,1   3,25 



    Floating impellers, each with its own tungsten carbide/ceramic bearing
    Soft start function
    Dry-running protection
    Protection against axial thrust reversal
    Overvoltage (> 315 V) and undervoltage (< 150 V) protection
    Overload protection
     Protection against overheating


The submersible pump may be used to pump pure, low-viscosity, non-explosive media without solid or long-fibre components. If a liquid with a density different from water is to be pumped, the motor power required in this case must be taken into account because of the change in hydraulic power. When pumping liquids with an aggressiveness greater than that of drinking water, special designs must be used. Please contact us in this case. The maximum sand content of the water must not exceed 50 g/m³. A higher sand content reduces the service life and increases the risk of the pump blocking.

Source: Grundfos GmbH


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